2012 Carlsson C25 Super GT Concept Performance

2012  Super GT Concept PerformanceCarlsson C25 Super GT Concept Performance2012 Carlsson C25 Super GT

2012 New Concept Carlsson C25 Super GT, The Carlsson C25 Extremely GT viewpoint continues to be unchanged: highest possible driving efficiency with highest possible daily functionality along with excellent style and highest exclusivity will make the Carlsson C25 LE a popular toy for the discriminating vehicle fanatic in Chinese suppliers as well.

The body has been recently Designed and produced entirely out of as well as fibre. The complete weight was decreased by 180 kgs as as opposed to primary style. In addition to new front and back lighting, the C25’s back side ms windows and the big sleep were remodeled and produced. Further specialized features include the blend stopping mechanism, available on ask for, the C-Tronic® Revocation case with iPhone control, the 450 hp efficiency of the Carlsson V8, and two large, all-aluminum tailpipes of the Carlsson fatigue program in a innovative style.

In the custom of the great case contractors, Carlsson has achieved a landmark in the history of the company with their first self-developed car. The Carlsson C25 style gets from renowned car types of the 70s and 80s and recently thinks the use of a Extremely GT. The C25 Restricted Version features the broad range of vehicle company Carlsson’s experience, interest and inventiveness in the development of amazing vehicles.

The Carlsson C25 Restricted Version No. 1 will be relocated by air to Shanghai. The other automobiles will be hand-manufactured over the next year at Gut Wiesenhof in Merzig and then sent to the clients. The Carlsson C25 Restricted Version is available starting at a price of 4,000,000 RMB.

Carlsson C25 Super GT Performance

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