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2011New Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195)


2011New  Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195) back view2011New  Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195) front view

2011New  Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195) interior dashboard
2011New  Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195) wheel view

2011 Hyundai Sonata (base price $19,195)

As recently as five years ago, a car like the '11 Sonata would not even have been conceivable. As a Hyundai, anyhow. This all-new mid-sized sedan looks as slick as George Clooney in a tux. Its standard 198-hp four-cylinder engine (200 hp with the optional dual exhaust) puts out close-to-V-6 power, too. This car's chief virtue, though, is its limousine-like cabin. Check out the Sonata's astounding 45.5 inches of front seat legroom and compare it to the Camry's 41.7 inches and Malibu's 42.2 inches.

That is a big difference.

But there's a downside. That living-large front seat roominess comes at the expense of backseat passengers. There's noticeably less rear seat legroom in the Sonata (34.6 inches) than in either the Malibu (37.6 inches) or the Camry (38.3 inches). Hyundai is banking on most customers worrying more about the room up front than out back. And the room in back is still in line with the competition - and adequate for all but the largest (and tallest) adults. The car's nearly 17 cubic foot trunk is among the largest in the segment, too.

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