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2011 Volkswagen Eos The new Exclusive


2011 Volkswagen Eos The new Exclusive front view

2011 Volkswagen Eos The new Exclusive, Volkswagen is ready to design and redesign the Eos series for the appearance in 2011. A coupe-convertible-themed designs ready to flood the U.S. market next year, consumers also must be willing to wait for his presence. As for European consumers is not only a variety of packages that were offered to the public exclusive automotive there.

n addition to exclusive package options are several options in terms of kitchen runway was also available, there are two types of engines to choose from consumers. The first type 2.0 TDI with a power capacity of 140 horsepower issued. As for your lover-powered sedan to select variants with type 2.0 TSI engine, the power generated even reach 210 hp.

The interior also comes with an exclusive facial, scented theme carried still sporty. Starting from the steering wheel, gear lever to the handbrake lever was themed sports, dressing with a layer of skin as a form of harmonization and also aims to present the impression of luxury inside the cabin interior. Piano black trim and well on the console is designed in harmony with a memorable electric door unique.

Eos Exclusive Variant by adopting a standard model alloy wheels measuring 18 inches and there are two types of designs to choose from. While the standard suspension was issued Arom sport, according to VW's plans to release this new series with the price of € 35.275

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