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2011 Surprise, BWM Lansir 3 Coupe at Once


2011 Surprise, BWM Lansir 3 Coupe at Once back view

2011 Surprise, BWM Lansir 3 Coupe at Once wheel view2011 Surprise, BWM Lansir 3 Coupe at Once front view2011 Surprise, BWM Lansir 3 Coupe at Once, Divyanatha Ramesh, President of BMW Indonesia said it wanted to offer an alternative for consumers who want a vehicle that is different from the others. "We believe the 3 Series Coupe can meet the needs of those who want the sensation of driving, style and exclusivity as well," he said.

New BMW 335i Coupe model displaying. With black color sapphire but the cabin is dominated by coral red color, view the newest BMW Coupe is enough attention. Not to mention the hood characteristics such as length, columns A sharp, which protrudes into the rear cabin, and only two doors.

Type 335i Coupe uses a new six-cylinder engine that BMW added TwinPower Turbo Technology, High Precision Injection, and valuable Valvetronic fully variable management. This machine has a capacity of 2979 cc power 306 hp at 5800 rpm and torque of 400 Nm at 1200-5000 rpm. Look more sporty impression because trasmisi 7 equipped with a clutch double the acceleration. While the driver and passenger seats are equipped with electronic arrangements.

Two other models, 320i Coupe and 135i Coupe, BMW has not had time to appear. Helena Abidin, Corporate Communications Director, BMW 320i Coupe Indonesia, said the type of four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1995 cc. The difference is, this model uses a six-speed Steptronic transmission

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