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2011 Subaru withdrawal of model Baja


2011 Subaru withdrawal of model Baja

2011 Subaru withdrawal of model Baja, The North American division of Subaru prepares for the start of withdrawal of model Baja - technically in many ways identical to Subaru Legacy Outback, but with a body rather close to the pickup.

The reason for the campaign becomes a potential threat of fire. Tubes in the fuel system at the junction of the benzonasosom in the operation are subject to excessive wear and the mechanism of their attachment to the fuel pump is not enough reliable, news.japancar.ru. Consequently, there may be a leak of fuel that, under certain conditions may lead to fire.

There reportedly have been recorded such incidents, but the withdrawal will be carried out independently. The campaign will begin in September and will affect 15 633 Subaru Baja, sold in North America. All of them were issued in 2005-2006. The potential failure will be eliminated by installing new pipes that have a better mechanism for fastening and made from different material. As always in such cases, all work will be performed free of charge to owners, the company undertakes to promptly notify by mail.

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