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2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies


2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies, Three workers at the U.S. automotive market the company will receive government loan of $ 8 billion to create a car that economize on fuel, said in Detroit, Minister of Energy Steven Chu.

American avtogigantu Ford on the development and introduction of mass production of efficient cars will be allocated 5.9 billion dollars. Japanese Nissan gets credit 1.6 billion dollars. Another 465 million dollars will be allocated to the American company Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric vehicles.

"These investments will have for our country to new jobs, decrease dependence on oil imports and fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere", - said Steven Chu. According to him, the negotiations for similar loans and the Government is with Chrysler. It is currently in the process of bankruptcy.

As expected, the issued up to 2011 acclaim Ford adapted several of its plants in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. These plants will be 13 new and adapted models of cars of the group. According to Ford, the capital accent in creating able machines will be placed on accouterment them with electric motors.

Nissan affairs to use goskredit for advance of their enterprises in Smirnov (Tennessee), which aswell will be electric.

California aggregation Tesla Motors receives funds for the enactment of electric machines and electric thrust. Currently, the aggregation produces a different electric "Tesla", which does not crop to the car with the accepted centralized agitation engines. On one allegation the car can biking up to 400 kilometers. In accomplishing so, the best acceleration the car alcove 210 km per hour. Acceleration to 100 km per hour, took a "Tesla" alone four seconds

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