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2011 Scion tC (base price $18,800)


2011 Scion tC (base price $18,800) red sport

The tC coupe gets a full makeover for 2011, centered around a brand-new 2.5 liter, 180 hp engine (vs. 2.4 liters and 161 hp previously). The engine features electrically-driven power steering to cut parasitic drag and boost performance and economy. Eighteen-inch wheels and a six-speed manual transmission will be standard - along with a large, panaroma-style sunroof.

This will be the most aggressive Scion to date and marks the evolution of Scion from "sporty Toyota" to emerging performance brand in its own right.

2011 Scion tC (base price $18,800) back view
2011 Scion tC (base price $18,800) back view

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