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2011 RedLine Dodge Charger

2011 RedLine Dodge Charger red sportRedline 2011 Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber Love, Not to be outdone by Ford and General Motors, Chrysler Group is preparing a special vehicle parade as this year's edition to appear at SEMA that will take place in Las Vegas 2 to 5 November 2010. One of the star attractions of this company emanated from Redline Dodge Charger models in 2011 based on a redesigned version of the custom.
"We let the designers of automobile production and their friends at Mopar rip," said Ralph Gilles, CEO of Brand Cars Dodge and Senior Vice President of Product Design. "I want them to show us what they would do with this vehicle if it were their own dream car" said Gilles in a statement.

Hiding under a unique aluminum hood, Charger redline engine equipped with a capacity of 5.7-liter Hemi V8. This machine is enhanced with various Mopar upgrades including new headers, exhaust system and intake air cooling. Dodge says this upgrade gives benefits to increase horsepower and torque, but does not give any figures.

Charger Concept also gets a re-suspension of extreme driving one inch [25 mm] to be closer to the ground. Embedded is also a strut tower brace Mopar, and 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped chunky tires 265/35/22 on the front and 295/30/22 in the rear. On the outside, designers Charger car body dip into the carbon fiber as the material that the majority are found in almost all parts of the new bodykit, roof, hood, mirrors and side scoops new was said to recall the charm of the Dodge Charger R / T in 1970.

We do not have a picture cabin, but Dodge said the sedan sported-up will get a red-black interior with Mopar racing seat combined accents Katzkin leather of Nappa Radar Red color with bright red stitching. In addition there are also console bezels and a unique steering wheel equipped SRT prototype features paddle shift controls

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