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2011 Nissan Already tested model EV-02

2011 Nissan Already tested model EV-022011 Nissan Already tested model EV-02, Company Nissan somewhat slightly their plans for the establishment of a new electric sedan class, able to overcome 160 km. on a single charge and uses the special online services to help the driver.
On Monday, the company demonstrated a prototype of electric-based medium Sedan Tiida. The manufacturer said that this model will be officially presented on August 2 and will go on sale in 2010 on the territory of Japan and the United States.

2011 Nissan Already tested model EV-02
A new electric sedan to be connected to special service centers for the Nissan driver the necessary information and support. EV-IT system will display on the map distance, and if it can calculate the remaining battery power to achieve its destination. If necessary, a driver assistance system will indicate the nearest gas station.

The driver can also remotely know the level of battery charge and include a pre-conditioner in the cabin with the help of computer connected to the Internet or phone. Charging the battery can be scheduled for some time, to avoid peak load electricity.

The car uses the electric motor manufacturing Nissan and 24 kWh battery pack, located under the car. Applied in the brake energy recovery system allows the machine to charge the battery during braking and stopping. Nissan has been estimated maximum range of travel in this way will be about 160 km, however this figure may vary depending on external conditions and driving style.

2011 Nissan Already tested model EV-02

Despite the lag in the development of hybrids, Nissan is one of the companies, all actively working on fully electric cars. Already tested model EV-02, based on the chassis of Nissan Cube, as well as cooperation with the Better Place, a company which is building a network of petrol stations for electric vehicles. The cost of the new models Nissan has not yet been announced, but officials told us that their car will compete with the petrol models.

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