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2011 New Porsche Cayenne SUV Concept

2011 New Porsche Cayenne SUV Concept2011 New Porsche Cayenne Concept, The last generation who became the legendary off-roader from Stuttgart - desired goal for the automotive paparazzi. On the planet is not a lot of cars that are hunted for so diligently.
2011 New Porsche Cayenne SUV Concept
2011 New Porsche Cayenne SUV Concept
Meanwhile, although the images were quite a lot of cars, to evaluate its in the best so far been unable to because of the abundance of camouflage. And now for the first time dropped nearly Cayenne «without all».

Innovation has become seemingly less aggressive, but its lines are more fluid. The line at the rear of the car in general has become more like a coupe than a traditional SUV. And it reflects the essence of changes in car - Cayenne should become much easier and more economical predecessor. The car should be off about 200 kilograms, compared with its predecessor - the weight gain in the promise to pay in cost, power and manageability.

The front of the car has become much more like the 911th and the Boxster. Even almost a mirror copy style 911. New will keep all the same engines as the current generation, but add the hybrid version with a turbocharged V6.

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