2011 New Porsche 911 Electric Concept


2011 New Porsche 911 Electric Concept

2011 New Porsche 911 Electric Concept, Combating fuel consumption and harmful emissions is becoming more bizarre forms. Legendary S2000 roadster will be a hybrid, BMW refused to air motors and does not exclude the diesel M-versions, Porsche produces diesel Cayenne.
2011 New Porsche 911 Electric ConceptConclusion Although a simple, but is confirmed by photographs taken of these images - a car, go to the park, not published almost no sound.By the way, Porsche showed uncommon sense of humor - from the car removed all the logos brands, but at the rear of the bonnet attached Batman logo.

Nightmare? Nightmare this diesel version of Porsche 911, but if so, hope we never see, the electric and hybrid versions of cars already in sight.After a couple of weeks after the director of development for new Porsche said that the electric is 911 th in the plans of the company car paparazzi photographed strange Porsche, which seemed to be a hybrid.

The first thing you will notice - the lug on the bonnet of Porsche. All would be nothing, but even children know that Porsche engines at the rear (not counting the Cayenne). To no one there was no doubt that such a test Porsche - Germans glued zipper in this country has. The conclusion is clear - it is the battery pack.

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