2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept


2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept, Nissan 370Z - not car racing, a dynamic, comfortable and most importantly, economical sports, designed for ordinary roads

2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept
2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept

The place of the European test-drive Nissan 370Z was announced avtopoligon CERAM near Paris. Journalists rather rub one's hands: will have the opportunity to experience the novelty of its elements - in the racing ring. But on arrival in France we waited disappointment: to CERAM we ???????, but only managed to take his parking space and a press center, and all the test routes were laid around the site, on public roads. Official version: Nissan 370Z - not car racing, and to assess its potential, rather ordinary roads. But there was and informal - the economic crisis. After all the tests the machine on the track just means the other costs of gasoline, plus a daily (or even more), replace the tires (and they have 370Z 19-inch, the dimension of 275/35).

A car failed. «The pleasure, as a Porsche for the price of Audi TT», - a verdict rendered is one of the French automobile magazine the previous generation, Nissan 350Z. Perhaps, I am ready to subscribe to these words and for the new version. Despite the fact that under the bonnet of the new «zedki» is the engine volume 3.7 liters, not 3.5 liters, the car became lighter by 32 kg. In particular, due to the fact that the doors, bonnet and boot lid are made of aluminum, the new front suspension has become easier for 25% and back - 8%. Wheelbase Nissan 370Z dropped by 100 mm, and front and rear track, on the contrary, increased by 15 mm and 55 mm respectively, making the vehicle more manoeuvrable.

Nissan 370Z completed seven automatic gearbox or a six mechanics. The machine has the world's first system to synchronize the engine and gearbox Synchro Rev Control (SRC). However, rental cars and on to the mechanics, and machine-gun, I was at a loss: why «zedke» generally require a mechanical box with a beautiful ACPP (technically, both versions are identical - only difference in the gearbox and, consequently, weight: the car with the mechanics at 12 kg lighter)? Because the Nissan 370Z with a machine with the same dynamic as with the mechanics, the more comfortable, and - most importantly - cost. Having heard about this from nissanovskogo engineer, I decided to experiment - traveled the same route in the same style in cars with mechanics and machine. And was struck by the difference in the results: in the car with the mechanics of on-board computer showed an average speed of 38.4 km / h and the flow rate of 17.5 liters per 100 kilometers, and with the machine - 37,0 km / h and 12.3 liters. Given that the car with mechanics, I was driving one, but with Automatic - with a passenger!

eather progress from Nissan 370Z is quite acceptable for sports (which has been tested on tracks zaplatannyh French villages), noise insulation and acoustic comfort - at a level with the exception of wheel arches, in which stones and sand sound very loud.

Records at this time, I did not set out, not even approaching the claimed maximum speed Nissan 370Z - 250 km / h, afraid of fines. Although the French maps, loaded with easy-to-read and easy to use navigation system Nissan, have been identified stationary radars. The French authorities do not do this secrecy, as well as radars are installed on most stretches of road accident as a warning: it does not need to accelerate. Replenishing the budget at the expense of fines with reckless drivers, the French radar system a few years ago «otbila» the cost of its creation, and now works in the plus for the state. Together with the navigation system complete with car bluetooth - communication with the phone, as always at the Nissan, installed easily, the sound quality is good.

Department of Navigation and on-board computer - with the same keyboard, which puts on the Infiniti; button engine start, podrulevye switching speeds - the same as that for cars luxury brand group Nissan. And the whole cabin looks richer than in other cars Nissan. Particularly impressive version looks orange trim salon skin and Alcantara - and nissanovskie designers picked a deep orange hue, which fits well with the black and steel elements. The steering wheel is not painted with the emblem of Nissan, a company Z. And from nissanovskogo «past» - the steering wheel, which is regulated along with the dashboard and, unfortunately, the only angle.

The only passenger not less comfortable than the driver - a big supply of seat adjustments, armrests convenient forms located at the same height. Vision with a good location and the driver and passenger.

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