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2011 Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience

2011  Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience back view2011  Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience interior drive view2011  Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience wheel view2011 Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience, Changes made his Mazda for a new product that includes front and rear lights. For material not only in a matter of design, as well as the quality of radiation from the lamp with a more aerodynamic design it
This car safety features also deserve thumbs up. Among others, ABS with Electronic Brakefoce Distribution (EBD), six airbags, Triple H frame structures and unique Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System (MIDAS) which resulted in the level of rigidity and the ability to absorb the maximum impact
Other? Problem interior feels more spacious because the Interior was bandaged for a brighter shades of beige. In the dashboard area, the pointer speed type "black-out 'comes with a white marker for a clearer indication. Passengers on the second row are pampered with a blower controller and Air Conditioning. Sounded so much more stylish and luxurious.

Mazda 5 is still carrying the 2000-cc engines are now equipped with Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), so it can improve performance without reducing the efficiency of fuel usage.As a versatile family vehicle, the Mazda 5 use 5-speed transmission Active Matic. Driving a car is becoming ever easier and convenient. Seat model 'Karakuri' 6 +1. Features that do not belong to another car provides tilt adjustment-and-reach for the steering column, and double sliding doors electrics.

2011  Mazda MAZDA5 For convenience front view

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