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2011 The last car Karmann become Mercedes CLK-Cabrio

2011 The last car Karmann become Mercedes CLK-Cabrio2011 The last car Karmann become Mercedes CLK-Cabrio: Since the conveyor manufacturer convertibles "Karmann" in Osnabrück came last gig - "Mercedes CLK-Cabrio" in black. C 1949, the company "Karmann", declared bankruptcy in April of this year, released by order of the largest automakers Germany 3.3 million vehicles.

Another production site "Karmann", in Ryan, ceased to issue convertibles at the end of February this year. But what happened does not mean cessation of all activities of the company - told the press secretary of Ike Christian (Christian Eick).

Last weekend the production board and the interim manager of the company reached an agreement that reduced the size of its staff to 513 people does not, as previously planned, but on the 300. There are currently discussing the possibility of preserving the factory in Osnabrück, in particular the shift towards production of electric vehicles.

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