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2011 Kia Cadenza (base price $26,195)


2011 Kia Cadenza (base price $26,195) back eagle view

2011 Kia Cadenza (base price $26,195) back side view2011 Kia Cadenza (base price $26,195) front view 

2011 Kia Cadenza, Kia is becoming the new Hyundai as parent company Hyundai (seller of V-8 powered, rear-wheel-drive luxury rollers like the $55k Equus sedan) rapidly becomes the new Lexus.

2011 Kia Cadenza (base price $26,195) front light viewThe Cadenza is an all-new mid-large front-wheel-drive sedan intended to undercut competitors like the Toyota Avalon (and Buick LaCrosse) on price while matching or surpassing them on features and equipment. It is a larger car than the model it replaces - the Amanti - and also larger than its primary target, the $27,945 Avalon, with more wheelbase (112 inches vs. 111 inches for the Toyota) and more head and legroom inside for passengers.

Buyers can choose either a 162 hp four-cylinder or 286 hp V-6, the latter outgunning the Avalon's 276 hp, 3.5 liter V-6. Six-speed automatics will be teamed with both engines. The Cadenza will also offer high-end audio, communications and safety equipment comparable to what you'd expect to find in cars priced well over $30k. The Cadenza will arrive at dealerships later this fall. III SUVs/trucks

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