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2011 Ford Fiesta body styles (base price $13,320)


2011 Ford Fiesta body styles (base price $13,320) front eagle view

2011 Ford Fiesta body styles (base price $13,320) side view2011 Ford Fiesta body styles (base price $13,320) front view 
2011 Ford Fiesta (base price $13,320)

Anyone over 40 today knows what economy cars used to be like yesterday. But while the new Fiesta is inexpensive, it's far from being low-rent. Build quality (fit and finish, materials used, overall sense of put-togetherness) is better than the best mid-priced cars of the Bad Old Days. And equipment that wasn't even available on high-end cars back then - such as a capless fuel filler system, electric-assist power steering, push-button ignition, dual-clutch six-speed automatic, voice-activated "Sync" connectivity for audio and communication - is either standard in the '11 Fiesta or available optionally. You can even get seat heaters in this thing - another unusual feature to find in this price range.

Another plus is the Fiesta's two available body styles - sedan and five-door hatchback wagon. Ford says it'll get 40 miles-per-gallon on the highway, too.

The only fly in the pie is that GPS isn't available. However, Ford may have decided to skip this feature because aftermarket units are becoming more popular than factory-installed systems. They're also less expensive, not hard-wired to that specific car and can be swapped out for a newer,more up-to-date model much more easily.

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