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2011 Ferrari Enzo Price


2011 Ferrari Enzo Price side view2011 Ferrari Enzo Price front view

Ferrari Enzo Price: U.S. $ 1 million

Also called the F60, 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of 6.0 liters. The name given in accordance with the founder Enzo Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari. Produced in 2003 using Formula 1 technology, such as carbon fiber body, with a change gear transmission sequentially (sequential) such as F1, and from carbon-ceramic brakes.

These cars use a technology banned in F1, which is active aerodinamakia. At the speed of 301 km / h, rear spoiler is activated by the computer so that the "down force" or press the power car to the surface increased from 775 kg.

The latest information, prepare a substitute Enzo Ferrari. The price also is not half-hearted, an estimated 1.8 million U.S. dollars.

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