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2011 Debut Lotus Elite in Paris

2011 Debut Lotus Elite in Paris sport view2011 Debut Lotus Elite in Paris , Paris Motor Show event is used as the momentum of the world's automotive manufacturers to launch their Actual work. Not excepted with sports car manufacturer Lotus. In this valuable chance they keep its promise to display the exotic Lotus Elite. The world debut of the car with a composition of 2 + 2 seating is clearly so exciting scene in the arena of the Paris Motor Show 2010.
Lotus itself has determined that this new car will be released to the market beginning in 2014. Production models offered come with a convertible hardtop roof. The full dimensions include length 4.60m, width 1.90m, and height 1.32 m. For styling of this car or own style widely considered almost synonymous with four-door coupe Eterne, but there are minor differences including the revised taillights and dual exhaust system that is more sporty.

2011 Debut Lotus Elite in Paris side view
Power comes from a machine that was placed in the middle (front-mid mounted) configuration V8 and 5.0 liter capacity. This machine is capable of spewing out a sizable power to 620 PS (456 kW / 612 hp) and 720 Nm of torque at the numbers (531 lb-ft). This allows Elite to quickly accelerates from 0-100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds, before hitting a top speed in figure 315 km / h (196 mph).

A hybrid variant will also be offered. Carrying the concept of wind-powered car, the Lotus design one of the latest technology in the form of Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that are aligned with the transmission of two electric motors are integrated. While the company stay focused on the details of this project, Lotus says the hybrid version will have CO2 emissions as low as 215 g / km. For the price itself is expected to start at £ 115,000 which means placing the Elite between the selling price of 99.900 Pounds GranCabrio Maserati and Aston Martin DB9 Band worth £ 124,000.

2011 Debut Lotus Elite in Paris back view

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