2011 Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles

2011 Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles screen shot2011 Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles , With full power to enliven the mat akbar Chevrolet attend the Paris Motor Show 2010. Unmitigated, they immediately released the four new models. The four models each concept is Cruze Hatchback, Aveo, Captiva facelift, and also variants of Orlando.
Cruze Hatchback Concept appearance here was also marked by a certainty that the production model will actually be launched starting next year. This car has a sporty style and almost 400 liters of cargo capacity.

Second is the new face of Chevrolet Aveo. This model offers a bold design and inspired cockpit Cruze. Aveo offers various types of engine fuel efficient four-cylinder. Petrol options include a 1.2-liter with 70 hp (kW 52 / 71 PS) and 86 hp (64 kW / 87 PS) and 1.4-liter with 100 hp (kW 75 / 101 PS). On the side of the existing 1.3-liter diesel engine rated 75 hp (kW 56 / 76 PS) and 95 hp (71 kW / 96 PS).

2011 Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles syle model
For the third model comes facelift Captiva offers redesign the front fascia, a larger grille, modified headlamps, and a higher quality interior. Power comes from 2.4-liter gasoline engine capable of spewing out 171 hp or a 2.2 liter diesel with a blast of power of 163 hp (kW 122 / 165 PS) and 184 hp (137 kW / 187 PS).

The three models above show the maximum, but unfortunately, Orlando lost its distinctive style. But the various parties still praised the change today. The MPV is equipped with 1.8 liter engine manufacturer with a blast of energy bensi touch the number 141 hp (105 kW / 143 PS) or 2.0-liter diesel engine that can produce 131 hp (98 kW / 133 PS) or 163 hp (122 kW / 165 PS .)

2011 Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles
Chevrolet Launches 4 New Vehicles
Cruze Hatchback Concept
Chevrolet Aveo

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