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2011 9 Types of Type Ford Mustang At SEMA


2011 9 Types of Type  Ford Mustang At SEMA front view

2011 9 Types of Type Ford Mustang At SEMA, Ford gives a special gift for the SEMA, this surely is a gift of a refreshing and very special. The prize is a Ford will feature a total of nine versions of the Ford Mustang has dikastem 2011, which will be placed on the Las Vegas Convention Center. "If you're a Mustang enthusiast who wants to look for a different Mustang appearance from others, go to the SEMA would like to a toy store filled with inspirational images," said Melvin Betancourt, Design Manager Ford.
One of the Mustang GT has become a model dikastem 2011 prepared by the Ford Vehicle Personalization complete with accessories from the company catalog. What's included with the base rear spoiler, rear window grille, side scoops and grill billet all with color detail silver plus silver 18-inch alloy wheels. Here goes the details;

2011 9 Types of Type  Ford Mustang At SEMA screen shoot
[Ford Mustang 2011 by Tim Baurtwell]
In this Mustang East Coast meets West Coast collaboration between Tim Baurtwell with celebrities from the Customizer Funkmaster Flex, designed to rapper and actor Snoop Dogg.

[Ford Mustang 2011 by MRT]
MRT comes with the theme "a tough street warrior" with the effects of carbon through the compartment interior, engine, custom color schemes and modifications to the car performance.

[Ford Mustang 2011 by Creations n 'Chrome]
Creations n 'Chrome in collaboration with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness of breast cancer. Companies convert Mustang GT in chrome pink.

[Ford Mustang 2011 by Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords]
This powerful 5.0-liter Mustang that has been given an extra boost power by Ford Racing Performance supercharger kit and exhaust system from Kooks Custom headers.

[Ford Mustang 2011 by Mobsteel]
This special Mustang that offers many upgrades to meet the needs of every Mustang enthusiast.

[Ford Mustang 2011 by Raceskinz]
The team at Raceskinz take the 5.0-liter Mustang and started working on the inside, where they use the rear seat delete package complete with a new Raceskinz bucket seats.

[2011 Ford Mustang by Street Scene Equipment]
With many details of style, this Mustang by Street Scene Equipment combines style, performance and luxury all in one package.

2011 9 Types of Type  Ford Mustang At SEMA elegant view
[Ford Mustang 2011 by the Tjin Edition]
It Tjin Edition Mustang GT sports to paint with DuPont kustem workmanship and will be equipped with Webasto sunroof, unique metal fabrication wing, triggering the LED lights and fog lamps and lighting StreetGlow

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