2010 Subaru Forrester perfect family car


2010 Subaru Forrester perfect family car2010 Subaru Forrester perfect family car : Canadian monthly magazine "Parents" and the car magazine "Edmonds' new model called the family" Subaru Forrester "third-generation - along with another 16 winners - the best and the perfect family car in 2009."

This high score was the result of a six-month study, which met these journals ask experts to test cars to explore many different brands. In addition, interviews were conducted among parents - the owners of the same characteristics of machines.

All vehicles are evaluated in relation to the needs of families with children and opportunities to meet different needs and different tasks. The main criteria were safety, power, comfort, internal and external design, quality manufacturing and assembly, and special family decision.

Particular attention was paid to the safety of machines, because it is quality - determining for family transport. In this regard, the magazine "Parents" separately mentioned "Subaru Forrester" as a model of security. A new model of "Forrester" was the highest estimate of the crash-test IIHS. This car is equipped with six airbags, dynamic stability control system, brake force distribution system, a constant full drive and other accessories for security, which includes all complete "Subaru Forrester" as the standard.

"Forester" also won excellent ratings for the internal design, without excesses, hindering a convenient and safe driving. While were evaluated and various ingenious solutions to the family: a variety of cells to store things, a great and practical luggage rack, adjustable seat-back angle of the rear passenger seat, wide angle door openings and so on.

Victory in this competition particularly honorable, because they are based on estimates of the best specialists and parents, presenting a particular claim to the car. A new title added to the list of recent victories "Subaru Forrester": this car was named "Best parketnika the Year" in the United States and the "Car of the Year in Canada, as well as the title of the car, the recommended" Consumer Report "and Australian drivers. "Forrester has also been described as" the most sold parketnikom 2009 in Australia.

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