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2010 Porsche Panamera Previews


2010 Porsche Panamera Fotos

Porsche and the National Highway Traffic Assurance Administering are arising a anamnesis for the 2010 Panamera for a abeyant bench belt birthmark that could leave the disciplinarian caught in the accident of a crash. NHTSA says the birthmark can activity back either advanced bench is put in an "extreme position," which could advance to the bench belt arise actuality alone from the anchoring apparatus while the belt is attached or opened. The post-jump NHTSA absolution doesn't explain what an "extreme position" is, admitting we're academic that the assurance administering is apropos to a bench that is either actual abutting to or actual far abroad from the birr (see UPDATE below).
But while we don't apperceive which bench positions could account the problem, we do apperceive that the aftereffect could be serious. NHTSA says that, in the accident of a crash, the bench belt may not abundantly assure the advanced bench occupant. Th agency's absolution states that there are up to 3,176 units afflicted by the assurance action. Panamera owners (congratulations!) can booty their agent to the abutting Porsche dealer, area an added locking aspect will be installed assimilate the belt anchoring arrangement to actual the issue. Hit the jump to apprehend over the official columnist release.

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