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2010 Mercedes C250 CGI clad Batik Indonesia


2010 Mercedes C250 CGI clad Batik Indonesia back view
2010 Mercedes C250 CGI clad Batik Indonesia side view

2010 Mercedes C250 CGI clad Batik Indonesia front view2010 Mercedes C250 CGI clad Batik Indonesia With a bandage batik batik works of renowned fashion designer Carmanita, the car was not simply to offer exotic, but also represent a high cultural value that is batik. "And batik which is a national asset of Indonesia,

 has been designated as cultural heritage of humanity for verbal and non-difference by Unesco in October 2009 and then," called the man who is familiarly called Bang Foke that, when given a speech at the event A New Invention of Batik 'Mercedes Benz

Once the greeting ceremony had passed, and the envelope was opened impatient audience. They took turns one by one and each other with impromptu posing couples or photographers immortalize themselves with the new C250 CGI.

Indeed, batik motifs on all over the body of this car other than the other. With the motive of flowers, with a brownish red color which further degraded the stern of the car getting light colors tend to be whitish's even different from the others.

"I do not embrace a single motif, pattern or style of batik is from one particular area. This is really batik Carmanita," I Carmanita, the designer, when asked his batik patterns or motifs that.

The designer admits his work completed within 2-3 weeks. About ideas, this energetic woman confessed that the inspiration just came to me. He mentioned, nor is there any requests or special requirements are set by PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia. "So, I am truly free to express ideas.

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