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2010 Mercedes-Benz B-Class BlueZero Concept

2010 Mercedes-Benz B-Class BlueZero Concept front view2010 Mercedes-Benz B-Class BlueZero Concept front viewIn the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in 2009-previously called the Detroit Auto Show, which took place next month, the premium car manufacturer famous German, Mercedes-Benz, will be introduced to the public car BlueZero concept study. Although there has been no release from the Mercedes-Benz, but German media, especially on-line has been showing photos of the car. According to them, the photos were leaked by someone in a Mercedes-Benz itself.
Although Mercedes-Benz Concept BlueZero call this car, but German media actually think of it as the next-generation B-Class. Autobild as one of Germany's largest automotive media even called him a "B-Class New Powerful Electric."The analysis is based on the dimensions and of course the design of this car. In addition, the B-Class since first launched in 2005 has not changed the model. It is estimated, BlueZero will become the B-Class to be launched in 2010.

B-Class is Mercedes-Benz products are included in the compact MPV category that appears with the hatchback design. Dimensions are slightly larger than the A-Class. Though less popular, the B-Class is also marketed by his ATPM in Indonesia, PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia.

Three variants
Explained further, which will make its debut BlueZero the Mercedes-Benz introduced in three variants.

First is BlueZero E-Cell, a car that only rely on electricity as their driving force. For this, Mercedes-Benz will use lithium-ion battery and electric motor capable of generating power and 100kW (136 PS) and 320Nm of torque.Although very attractive in terms of power, but power is very limited home range, only for 100 km, while to recharge the batteries to be used again, it took two hours. With such capabilities, Mercedes targeting this car to those who need transportation around the city.

For longer distances, or the second variant, namely EREV (extended range electric vehicle). More precisely, the electric car that can be used for long distances. Mercedes-Benz E-Cell call BlueZero Plus. These cars use batteries and electric motors together with E-Cell, but equipped with a combustion engine that functions as a generator to produce electricity.With the existence of these two drivers, this car could be used to travel the 600 km distance. Motor fuel used three-cylinder, gasoline-fueled, turbo equipped and is now used on the Mercedes-Benz Smart.

The third variant is the F-Cell, a vehicle with a fuel cell that produces electricity directly from hydrogen. Mercedes states that the car is capable of generating power and torque of 136 PS and 320 Nm, equivalent to a 2.0-liter diesel engine capabilities. Interestingly, the F-Cell does not generate emissions.

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