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2010 Honda Civic Type R fast car


2010 Honda Civic Type R fast car  back view2010 Honda Civic Type R fast car  wheel view2010 Honda Civic Type R fast car  back view2010 Honda Civic Type R fast car  Front view 
Honda 2010 Honda Civic Type R took the step because the future is very difficult to make a fast car with emissions levels low enough. Look at all that Honda is now focused on producing environmentally friendly mobil2 & will continue to develop hybrid cars in the future. Environmental issues that make Honda should take a stand even though it was a bitter decision to stop production of the Civic Type R in mid-summer months of August 2010

The first generation Civic Type R B16B coded engine capacity 1600 cc, DOHC, VTEC can spew up to 182 HP power. Furthermore, the second generation Civic Type R which appeared in 2001 carrying the K20A engine capacity of 2000 cc, DOHC, i-VTEC & energy spent to reach 200 HP @ 7800 RPM & torque 193 NM @ 5600 RPM. Peak velocity that can be achieved is 240 km / h while from 0-60 mph (96 km / h) can be achieved in 6.2 seconds

Third-generation Civic Type R appeared in 2007, still carrying the same machine with its predecessor but for the Japanese version released energy is higher than the European version that is reaching 220 HP @ 8400 RPM & 215 Nm torque @ 6100 RPM. This result was achieved after the introduction of modifications to the ECU and exhaust gas.

Civic Type R was first launched in 1997. Honda Type R philosophy is tight & cool drive. According to Honda (then) makes a car fast is the easy thing but it makes the car fast & give Fun sensation for the driver is unusual. If other sports mobil2 prefer to give energy instantaneously through the turbo, inversely proportional to the Honda Type R.

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