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2 new models Plans by RiverSimple

Riversimple plans two new models, Riversimple plans two new models, UK-based hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer announces plans for a four-seater and a van
2 new models Plans by RiverSimple front view

Riversimple has revealed plans to build 2 new models off the rear of its Rasa chemical element electric cell vehicle.
The new models, one of which could be a four-seater automobile and therefore the alternative a van, were announced at the London Motor Show. Both take styling cues from the Rasa and were enclosed by the designer of the enactment five hundred, Chris Reitz.

2 new models Plans by RiverSimple sidde view

The Rasa’s aerodynamic styling seems to have been carried over to the 2 ideas. The four-seat, four-door model bears some resemblance in profile to the original Citroën DS, while the van’s style is a sleek interpretation of a lightweight product vehicle, with covered rear wheels for improved mechanics Associate in Nursingd an angular, stepped window-line.
2 new models Plans by RiverSimple wheel drive
While the Rasa has Associate in Nursing calculable vary of around three hundred miles, the range of the 2 new models is anticipated to require a dip attributable to their additional weight.
With Riversimple’s plan to cut well-to-wheel greenhouse gas output (the quantity of greenhouse gas created from a model’s conception to the top of its helpful life), the models’ consumption and range ought to improve once drivetrain updates area unit enforced.
2 new models Plans by RiverSimple back view
The beta testing of the Rasa will begin later this year and continue into next year, with Riversimple aiming for sales to start early in 2018. Stay tuned for additional details of the 2 new models as they arrive.

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